It’s no secret that ignoring state and federal business regulations can have very dire consequences. Unfortunately for most small business owners, the laws are very vague and almost impossible for an average business owner to understand. In fact if you aren’t sure of your compliance with these regulations it’s very likely you aren’t even aware of most of them.

There are now more than 5 million small businesses in operation in California, so it is very easy for your business to go completely un-noticed by these regulators; however, all it takes is a simple mishap, mistake or accident to completely turn your life upside down.


We understand that you are likely agitated, overwhelmed and concerned about regulations that are difficult to find, difficult to understand and expensive to implement into your business plan.

Our goal is to let you concentrate on running your business by saving you time, money & the hassle of keeping your business compliant.

Our experts explore different aspects of regulations each month and the topics are archived for members to use whenever they need them.

We provide all of the regulatory resources a small business needs!

Some of the topics our experts have recently reviewed are:

Employer's Identity Theft Responsibilities
Understanding Workers Compensation
  1 2
  Privacy RequirementsInterview with Alfred Papazoni
With both the state and federal governments trying to stem the tide of identity theft, the laws are becoming stricter and stricter and apply to more and more entities. Companies, with or without employees, are being required to put into place systems that hinder the identity thieves and protect their customers and employees. The danger to business owners, is that not only are there huge fines and even possible jail time for violations, but the civil penalties are even greater. Al tells you how to protect yourself from the pitfalls of privacy violations.
Worker’s Compensation Insurance 101Interview with John Sloway
California has gone through many changes in the past several years. John explains how these changes can benefit you. He talks about options you have for getting the very best workers comp rates available and how to improve your score to lower your rates even more. Which employees and even contractors have to be covered and what the rates are based on is discussed.
Background Checks and Privacy Regulations
Choosing an IRS Friendly Business Structure
  3 4
  Background ChecksInterview with Alfred Firato, Jr.
Once the employee is hired your responsibility for their behavior is multiplied. There are situations where you are held liable if you retain AND if you fire a dangerous employee. Your best protection is a good background check in the first place. Al explains what is involved, why it is necessary and what important information you do not want to be in possession of. He also exposes some of the tricks prospective employees use to keep their character hidden before the hire takes place and it is too late.
Different Business Structures and What That MeansInterview with Mitchell A. Port, Esq.
As an ex IRS attorney, Mitch Port explains the different types of structures the IRS recognizes and the benefits and pitfalls of each. He tells of how you can start simply or do a full blown incorporation and the ramifications o each decision. Your business structure will determine the extent of your tax liability so these decisions are very important to your bottom line.
Small Business Regulations
and Disaster Recovery
How to Hire a California Employee
  5 6
  Disaster Recover Interview with John Fernandes
Disasters are not only fires burning down the building or earthquakes and Tsunamis. John explains that anything that significantly interrupts business can be a disaster and putting the systems back together so that your operation is again functioning correctly, your customers are taken care of and your employees are once again working is important. In the midst of crisis recovery a good plan to get back to normal cuts the time and cost of the disaster. John explains the procedures for making sure that when a disaster happens, its effects are minor.
Hiring a California EmployeeInterview with Dan Curtin
Dan believes that if you put the right systems in place at the time of hiring an employee, his or her success is much more assured. Employees will have a good understanding of what is expected of them as well as understanding what the ramification are of not meeting those expectation. Counseling, discipline and if necessary, termination are easier and do not come as a surprise. He goes through the entire hiring process step by step. The employer is protected and the employees have access to all of the information they need.
How to Terminate a Bad Employee
How the Federal Government
Classifies Businesses
  7 8
  Terminating a California EmployeeInterview with Dan Curtin
The California Employment Development Department can be you worst nightmare or it can be your best friend, depending on how well your systems work. When you need to terminate an employee in California, you are told the documentation and activities that need to be in place so that there are no nasty retaliations. If you follow the step by step systems that Dan has outlined you can terminate a bad employee safely, but you also have the opportunity to rehabilitate an employee that might otherwise have been a lost cause.
Federal Government Definitions of Small Business and What That Means to YouInterview with Dawn Rivers Baker
This is a discussion about federal government definitions and how the SBA (federal Small Business Administration) can help small business owners. Several of the programs that the SBA offers are free and there are loads of tools on their web site.
Everything an Employer Must Know
About Drug Testing
Health Benefits and the Small
Business Owner
  9 10
  Drug TestingInterview with Alfred Firato, Jr.
“The small business environment is the target for unsavory people looking for employment,” say Al Firato, Jr. You are more likely as a small business owner to hire someone with a drug or alcohol problem than is a larger company. Once these people are employed you may then be made to pay for their rehab bills. How about your liabilities for negligent retention? Al explains that the easiest way to deal with problem employees is before you hire them.
OSHA RequirementsInterview with Frank Pedraza
Some of the biggest fines in California for regulatory infractions are levied by California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are requirements that all California Companies must comply with and each of those requirements come with heavy financial penalties for non-compliance. Frank talks about the 20 top OSHA violations, how to comply with the regulations and the similarities and differences between federal OSHA and Cal-OSHA.

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Human Resources (How to Hire and Fire a California employee without fear of retribution)
Business Insurance Broker (what is really going on with worker’s compensation and what is required for employee benefits)
Federal Public Policy Analyst (How the SBA can help you run your small business, for free)
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